Instead of completely remodeling your kitchen, there’s a more affordable option that gives the same result. NuFinishPro is a premier kitchen refinishing company that provides the finest services in the Bolinas, CA, area. Our professional contractors can spruce up your kitchen by refinishing your sink, backsplash or countertops. These affordable solutions are perfect for property owners who want to update their kitchens without the need to completely remodel the space.

It’s typical for your kitchen’s countertops and sink to become tarnished over the years. While routine cleaning will keep them looking presentable, stains and other grime can get ingrained into the surfaces. With our kitchen refinishings, your kitchen’s surfaces will look brand new. We’re ready to enhance the appearance of your kitchen in the Bolinas, CA, area.

High-Quality Kitchen Refinishing Services

If you have stained sinks, outdated kitchen counters or a blemished backsplash, we have a cost-effective solution for you. Resurface your kitchen countertops with professionals who know their trade from beginning to end and will give you a perfect final product. Homeowners in the Bolinas, CA, area have the potential to save up to 75 percent on updates by choosing kitchen refinishing services instead of entire renovations. We don’t need to do any demolition or reconstruction time, so you won’t be out of your kitchen for too long.

Our contractors take care of kitchen resurfacing by doing the following:

  • Extract built up residue and rust in sinks using cleaning solutions
  • Use sealer made to balance out acidity levels that create discoloration
  • Prevent stains from forming on backsplashes with the right primer
  • Apply professional-grade paint with the colors of your choosing
  • Paint finishes are applied for a chip resistant topcoat
  • Refinish countertops with strong materials that stand the test of time

Choose Our Kitchen Refinishing Contractors

When you select NuFinishPro, you’re working with an experienced kitchen refinishing company that’s been providing services for over three decades. Our professional contractors have industry knowledge and training in refinishing any worn down or outdated surfaces in your space. Because of its affordable price and versatility, kitchen countertop refinishing is a great choice for anyone who wants a new appearance. It’s always ideal to refinish kitchen surfaces with professionals who will use their time effectively and finish the work to your exact preferences. That’s why we’re the ideal solution for your kitchen refinishing needs.

Call NuFinishPro Today

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen? The professionals at NuFinishPro are ready to give your space a new look in Bolinas, CA, with our high-quality kitchen refinishing services. Kitchen refinishing can save you almost 75 percent of what a typical kitchen remodel would cost. Call our team today to learn more about our kitchen refinishing services.

Ultra-Spec Granite-Like Colors
*Cliff, Granite and White Vein are in stock. All other colors must be specially ordered. Minimum charge of $150.00.
Click on an image to view a larger version.

Mineral Collection - Burren Grey
Mineral Collection - Basalt
Mineral Collection - 705 - Midnight Sky
Mineral Collection - 572 - White Vein
Mineral Collection - 251 - Clay
Mineral Collection - 199 - Granite
Mineral Collection - 198 - Charcoal
Mineral Collection - 196 - Castlerock
Mineral Collection - 192 - Dover
Mineral Collection - 118 - Yukon
Mineral Collection - 068 - River Rock
Mineral Collection - 067 - Muir Woods
Mineral Collection - 005 - Fieldstone
Loft Collection - Slate Gray
Loft Collection - Smoke Cement
Loft Collection - Seashore
Loft Collection - Pebble Creek
Loft Collection - Morning Mist
Loft Collection - Oyster Bar
Loft Collection - Latte
Loft Collection - Moor Heather
Loft Collection - Espresso
Loft Collection - Mocha
Loft Collection - Dove Gray
Loft Collection - Cafe
Earth Collection - 829 - Java
Earth Collection - 815 - Galena
Earth Collection - 651 - Almond Crust
Earth Collection - 708 - Telluride
Earth Collection - 285 - Cliff
Earth Collection - 332 - Landslide
Earth Collection - 194 - Sandstone
Earth Collection - 227 - Beach Sand
Earth Collection - 138 - Fossil

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