Bathrooms are usually one of the most frequented rooms in a home. With so much foot traffic, bathrooms become shabby and drab sooner than other spaces in your home. You might have the desire to restore your bathroom but delay it because of the price. If you’re looking for a less expensive way to upgrade and revamp your bathroom without having to pay the expense of carrying out an expensive home remodeling project, turn to NuFinishPro of San Francisco. We’re your local surface refinishing company focusing on bathrooms. Our bathtub refinishing services improve the appearance and aesthetic of your bathroom and increase its functionality.

There was a time when the only solution to rust and water stains was replacing the offending component with a new one, luckily NuFinishPro is an excellent option to costly bathtub substitutions. Our licensed and trained resurfacing technicians perform exquisite bathtub refinishes, transforming your bathroom and multiplying the value of your home. Our chemical cleaning procedures clear the surfaces of your bathtubs of discoloration caused by mildew, rust, and other elements, as well as removing calcium buildup. Trust NuFinishPro in the Montara community to spruce up and improve your bathroom.

High-Caliber Bathtub Surface Refinishing Services

NuFinishPro uses green solutions as well as eco-friendly practices designed to minimize waste and provide you with a beautiful, new space. Environmentally sustainable solutions and strategies are vital for any homeowner cognizant of making their house environmentally-safe. The rebuilding and renovation field is culpable for roughly 50 percent of what is found in dumps. By removing the need for purchasing new installations, NuFinishPro resurfacing opens up the opportunity to update your Montara, CA, home without going over budget. Bathtub refinishing is an excellent option for property developments. Bathtub refinishing reduces waste and excess costs, and it lets you use the amount you already have.

NuFinishPro can do what cleaning cannot. We’re trained to swiftly repair and reinvigorate your bathtub surfaces. Resurfacing can have amazing results for your entire home value. Some of the bathtub refinishing services we provide for properties in Montara are the following:

  • Re-glaze tub
  • Repair tiled surfaces
  • Resurface fiberglass bathtub pan
  • Restoring bathtub
  • Fix and touch up tub enclosure
  • Chemically clean bathtub
  • Patch up plumber cut-outs made to walls
  • Add drain liners to tub
  • Apply non-skid floors
  • Use eco-friendly construction strategies

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NuFinishPro of San Francisco has served property owners in Montara for over 31 years with professional bathtub resurfacing. Our staff of skilled contractors are well-equipped to provide you the best in complete bathtub refinishing services. No matter what you want to refinish, restore or repair, our technicians have the ability to make it happen with precision and care. For efficient and orderly bathtub refinishing services at your Montara home, call our competent team at (415) 691-4208 to get a free quote.

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